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Commercial work


A s the lead copywriter for Bluehost, I write scripts, revise social copy, and collaborate on ads.

Emma Email Marketing

Emma makes email fun, so I wrote lighthearted scripts to entertain as well as educate.

Campaign MONITOR

Campaign Monitor targets SMBs, so my scripts touch on common entrepreneur pain points.

LIFF 2013
Sundance Film Festival 2014
Nashville Film Festival 2014
WKU Film Festival 2014
LIFF 2014
49 Hour Film Challenge 2016

film festival

Actively volunteered in a variety of film festivals.


Participated in an educational program at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

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Collaborated with a fellow film student to create a wedding video for this client's day.

Dylan + leah

My business partner and I created a wedding video tailored to this couple's unique vision.

Cel Animation

I concepted, designed, and painted individual cels for this looped animation.

Behind the scenes photos

Worked as the BTS photographer for Western Kentucky University's "Blood is Thicker."

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